Locals have lashed out at a leak that has been plaguing a South London street for two weeks, saying it’s making them want to leave the area.

Water has been spilling across Sydenham Road since Thames Water dug up paving on the street over a fortnight ago, local residents claim. 

Despite signs saying the works should be complete by April 13, the hole is still leaking water over the road almost 14 days later, causing a nuisance to drivers and passers-by.

Locals said they hadn’t seen anyone from Thames Water dealing with the problem for over a week.

News Shopper: The water leak on Sydenham Road in Sydenham (photo: Robert Firth)The water leak on Sydenham Road in Sydenham (photo: Robert Firth)

Some have grown fond of the unexpected addition to the high street and jokingly named the water leak Sydenham spring.

Annabelle Clendenan, who has lived in Sydenham for 25 years, said the leak was bringing the area down.

The 55-year-old said: “It’s a wash out. I wouldn’t want to move my family here anymore.

"I’m looking to move.

"Nobody cares for the area anymore.

"This is typical of how the neighbourhood is treated.

"I’ve reported flooding on this road before and I’ve had to call back and call back.

"If I was the head of Thames Water this would be fixed.” 

Ms Clendenan said her family were thinking of moving somewhere more central.

She added: “There you can rely on them fixing things because of the tourists.

"This doesn’t bother cyclists but people who drive cars can’t park here anymore because of it.

"They should be prepared for something like this because this area has springs everywhere.”

Julian Beaumont’s artisan grocery store Good Food is located next to the leak.

News Shopper: Julian Beaumont owner of Good Food grocery store said he was worried about the amount of water being wasted (photo: Robert Firth)Julian Beaumont owner of Good Food grocery store said he was worried about the amount of water being wasted (photo: Robert Firth)

He said he was worried about the amount of water that was being wasted.

The 38-year-old said: “It hasn’t been too much of a problem so far. But it does make you think, will we look back at this from a post-apocalyptic future where we’re fighting over water and think why did no-one care?

“Luckily most of our customers are local so they don’t drive here but our delivery drivers have been a bit like ‘where do we park?’

"Someone put a Sydenham spring sign up outside of it which was quite funny but that has been removed now.” 

Local Helen Eneh said her two-year-old son was one of the few people who was impressed with the new addition to the street.

The 38-year-old said: “The water runs down the street and my son likes to splash in it.

"I pass it everyday and it’s quite annoying but at least the water looks clean.

"On a hot day you might even get the kids playing in there.”

Thames Water said: “Our engineers are continuing to work hard on a repair to a leak on a pipe in Sydenham Road.

"This has proved more complicated than first thought and we may need to remain on site until the end of the week.

"We apologise for any disruption to residents and motorists while the repair is completed.”

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