Nando's has released some new menu items and they have put us in the mood for Summer. 

The popular restaurant chain has given its menu a bit of a shakeup ahead of the better weather with two new items available. 

The new menu features a summery Quinoa & PERi-Tomato salad and a new spice in the Smoky Churrasco baste.

There has also been another major change to the Nando's menu which now features the calories each dish has to help us all make healthier and informed choices.

News Shopper: Nando's new menu items for Summer. Credit: Nando'sNando's new menu items for Summer. Credit: Nando's

We reviewed the new menu items to see what the fuss is about and here's what we thought.

Nando's releases new Summer menu items: A review

First up, Nando's new Quinoa & PERi-Tomato salad is a combination of lettuce with semi-dried PERi-tomatoes.

It also includes quinoa, lightly salted pitta croutons and feta with a lemon and wild garlic dressing.

This dish is so light and flexible which makes it perfect for when it's hot outside. 

We paired it with some delicious halloumi but you can choose to have it on its own, as a side dish or with some added chicken or PERi-PERi Plant Strips.

On its own, the salad is a respectable 521 calories but with this much flavour, you definitely don't feel like you're missing out.

However, we might pass on the pitta croutons next time, they were a little on the solid side and weren't the easiest to chew.

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Nando’s has also introduced a new Smoky Churrasco seasonal baste and it's a dream for all BBQ fans.

The new spice replaces Mango and Lime on the PERiometer meaning it's certainly not for the faint of heart.

With a rich and smoky kick, the new flavour combines Nando's familiar taste of smoky paprika and tomato with its African Bird’s Eye Chilli and a touch of lemon and garlic.

Embarrassingly, we tend towards the Lemon & Herb side of the PERiometer, so we were a little worried that we wouldn't be able to handle the heat of the new spice.

But whether you have your Nando's on a burger, wrap or pitta, if you love all things BBQ and flavour, the Smoky Churrasco spice will be a hit.