BEXLEY locals will have the chance to vote on who their councillors will be for the next four years.

The polls will take place on May 5, where locals will use the First Past The Post system to vote.

The Conservative Party maintained its longstanding control of Bexley Council by winning 34 out of the 45 seats, in the previous 2018 election.

The Labour Party came in at second place by gaining 37 per cent of the votes gaining 11 seats in 2018.

The verification and counting of the ballot papers for the poll will take place at Crook Log Leisure Centre.

The count for the votes will start at 10pm.

If you are already registered, you do not need to re-register to vote again for the Local Council elections, unless you have moved address.

The deadline to register to vote is by midnight April 14, 2022.

The full list of candidates who are nominated, broken down by each ward, is as follows:

Barnehurst: Brian John Bishop (Conservative), Elizabeth Folarin (Labour), William Howard Jackson (Conservative) and Andrew Smith (Labour).

Belvedere: Esther Amaning (Labour), Sarah Elizabeth Rose Barry (Green Party), Christine Frances Bishop (Conservative), William Dorgu (Conservative), Daniel Francis (Labour), Sally Hinkley (Labour) and Vinny Poon (Conservative).

Bexleyheath: Jawharah Albakri (Liberal), Pat Ball (Labour), Bola Carew (Conservative), Eric Davies (Labour), Sue Gower (Conservative), Matthew Murphy (Labour) and Rags Sandhu (Conservative).

Blackfen and Lamorbey: Josephine Ellen (Labour), John Cove (Labour), Peter Craske (Conservative) James Hunt (Conservative), Daniel Jenkins (Labour), Robin Kelly (Liberal), Cafer Munur (Conservative) and Michael Pastor (Reform UK).

Blendon and Penhill: Patrick Adams (Conservative), Ahmad Brooke (Labour), Emma Francis (Labour), David Leaf (Conservative) Marc Mason (Reform UK), Bruce Meredeen (Liberal), Floyd Millen (Labour) and Nick O’Hare (Conservative).

Crayford: Felix Di Netimah (Conservative), Nick Hair (Labour), Abi Johnson (Labour), Geraldene Lucia-Hennis (Conervative), Anthony Riches (Labour) and Melvin Seymour (Conservative).

Crook Log: Zoe Brooks (Liberal), Liam Davies (Labour), Timothy Nicholls (Labour) Teresa Ann Jude O’Neill (Conservative), Christopher Taylor (Conservative), Janice Ward Wilson (Conservative) and Janet White (Labour).

East Wickham: Sean Ash (Liberal), Donna Briant (Labour), Christine Catterall (Conservative), Steven Hall (Conservative), Claire Hedderman (Labour), Michael Jones (British Democrats), Caroline Newton (Conservative), and Dave Tingle (Labour).

Erith: Christopher Ball (Labour), Masbah Khan (Conservative), David Li (Conservative) and Nicola Taylor (Labour).

Falconwood and Welling: Nigel Betts (Conservative), Frazer Brooks (Conservative) Andrew Curtois (Conservative), Jeremy Fosten (Labour), Sarah Miller (Labour), Marian Newton (Reform UK), Stephen Perfect (Labour) and Elisabeth Radbon (Green Party).

Longlands: Oliver Brooks (Liberal), Anashua Davies (Labour), Andy Dourmoush (Conservative), Teresa Gray (Labour) and Lisa Moore (Conservative).

Northumberland Heath: Paul Bargery (Liberal), Duwayne Brooks (Conservative), Baljeet Gill (Labour), Aaron Newbury (Conservative) and Wendy Perfect (Labour).

Sidcup: Cheryl Bacon (Conservative), Richard Thornton (Conservative), Paul Hinkley (Labour), Paul Hurren (Liberal), Tonya Kelsey (Labour), Ben Nottle (Labour), Simone Reynolds (Liberal), David Sexton (Liberal), Dimitri Shvorob (Independent), June Slaughter (Conservative) and Laurence Williams (Social Democratic Party).

Slade Green and Northend: Stefano Borella (Labour), Mandy Brinkhurst (Conservative), Anna Day (Labour) and Michael Gillespie (Conservative).

St Mary’s and St James: Kurtis Christoforides (Conservative), John Husband (Labour), Sylvia Malt (Labour), David Mcbride (Liberal), Linda Purcell (Reform UK), Cameron Smith (Conservative) and Carol Valinejad (Christian Peoples Alliance).

Thamesmead East: Zainab Asunramu (Labour), Larry Ferguson (Labour), Graham Moon (Conservative), Doro Oddiri (Liberal), Mabel Ogundayo (Labour), Natalie Price (Conservative) and Rajinder Tumber (Conservative).

West Heath: Victoria Akintomide-Akinwamide (Labour), John Davey (Conservative), Jay Dominy (Labour), Sam Marchant (Labour), Philip Read (Conservative) and Peter Reader (Conservative).

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