Leisure centres across Bexley are hosting activities and food funded spaces for children this April half term.

Koala Klubs holiday camps are coming to both Sidcup Leisure Centre and Crook Log Leisure Centre after a February half term trial at Erith Leisure Centre.

The camps aim to encourage children to be more active over the school holidays, eat more healthily and increase knowledge of health and nutrition.

The programme provides free holiday activities including a delicious hot meal for children that are eligible - under the free school meals benefit.

School holidays can be a particularly difficult time for some families due to increased costs - such as food and childcare - combined with reduced incomes that can lead to children not having appropriate childcare.

Organisers say this programme is designed to directly address this issue and ensure that children and families get the support that they need.

Attendees will take part in various sport and enrichment activities as well as access to a minimum of one healthy meal a day whilst on the course.

Lee Clark, area manager of Bexley Leisure Centres said: “This will be a fantastic partnership with Koala Klubs to further enhance the activity offering across the Bexley leisure centres, which will increase the opportunities for the local community.

“Providing parents with a child care option alongside teaching the children invaluable skills is a great combination that will assist the residents of the Bexley Borough.”