A household name across the nation, award-winning comedian Ed Byrne will be performing at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley next month.

With 25 years under his belt, Ed has parlayed his on-stage success into a variety of notable television appearances.

A regular star on Mock The Week and The Graham Norton Show, Ed has recently co-presented Dara & Ed’s Big Adventure and managed not to disgrace himself on Top Gear or whilst tackling one of The World’s Most Dangerous Roads.

Ed’s new show, If I’m Honest, digs deep into a father’s sense of responsibility, what it means to be a man in 2019, and whether he possesses any qualities whatsoever worth passing on to his two sons.

News Shopper: Ed Byrne (images - Idil Sukan)Ed Byrne (images - Idil Sukan)

Occasionally accused of whimsy, If I’m Honest is a show with a seriously steely core.

Ed, who broke through in the mid-1990s admits that “he has changed with the times” as he reflects on one of his most famous jokes.

He explained: “There’s an attitude towards Alanis Morrisette in one of my opening of routines that I’m no longer comfortable with, where I call her a moaning cow and a whiny bint.

“Slagging off the lyrics of the song is fine, but there’s a tone in the preamble that I wouldn’t write today.

“I do genuinely annoy myself.”

Ed says he “readily engages” with gender politics and admits there are things where men get a “raw deal”.

Ed said: “Men have higher suicide rates, and we tend not to do well in divorces, but representation in action movies is not something we have an issue with.

“It was Mad Max: Fury Road that kicked it all off, even though nobody complained about Ripley in Alien or Sarah Connor in Terminator 2.

“Of course, social media means this stuff gets broadcast far and wide in an instant, which emboldens people.

“The problem with men’s rights activists is that it’s not about speaking up for men’s rights, it’s about hating women.

“If you’re a men’s rights activist, you’re not going to care about the fact that there’s an all-female Ghostbusters remake.

“That’s nothing to do with men’s rights or female entitlement.

“That’s everything to do with being, well, a whiny baby.”

News Shopper: Ed Byrne (images - Rosyln Gaunt)Ed Byrne (images - Rosyln Gaunt)

Ed insists that, while If I’m Honest might have mordant and occasionally morbid aspects, it’s also full of triumphant moments.

He added: “I thought I was being quite upbeat talking about the small victories.

“You know, finding positivity in being able to spot when a cramp was about to happen in your leg and dealing with it before it does.

“I was very happy with myself about that.”

Ed’s tour, If I’m Honest, will be showing at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley on April 2.

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