The parents of a three-time cancer survivor from Dartford said their son was rejected for care home funding after they claimed to have been promised a room at a local facility in Swanscombe.

Joshua Bull's mum Amanda and stepdad Rollo Davies said their son was promised a room by Kasbah, a local day care and residential service charity.

However, they claim they were then rejected funding for the facilities by Kent County Council.

Joshua, 24, suffered a brain tumour at aged ten in 2007 which left him with memory issues, and stopped his mental development.

News Shopper: JoshuaJoshua

The parents told the News Shopper that they received an offer from Kasbah in September 2021 for accommodation for their son.

Amanda said that the facilities at the charity were perfect for Joshua to interact with other people and a "fantastic step" towards giving him "a more meaningful life."

She explained: "We received news from Joshua’s social care worker that he couldn’t move into the room as Kent County Council agreed not to fund the room.

"It's difficult to see him being treated like this, after he was promised the room and then for that to be taken away from him.

"He was so happy when he first heard that he was moving."

A spokesperson for Kasbah said they are "very sorry" for the distress the situation has caused Josh and his family.

They explained that they are hopeful to have a solution very soon as Josh still has access to its day services.

News Shopper: Amanda, Prince William and JoshuaAmanda, Prince William and Joshua

When Joshua was 12, he was diagnosed with bone cancer on his right hip and cancerous lesions in his lungs and has now been left with damaged hearing and a weakened immune system as a result.

Joshua was also diagnosed with a malignant melanoma on his right hand which required an operation and plastic surgery in 2021.

Amanda said: “He is registered disabled and cannot work as he can’t follow or remember instructions.

“He cannot go unsupervised for any length of time as he would forget to take the medication that is keeping him well, and he wouldn’t cook for himself.

“His days currently consist of playing on his PlayStation or making the occasional Lego model.

“He has trouble interacting with others successfully and cannot go out any distance on his own as he tends to get lost, get on the wrong train or bus, and end up terrified and panicking, normally at the end of a bus route or train line.”

Joshua’s parents discovered Kasbah in early 2021 where their son began to attend day groups and started to make friends and was involved in their house activities.

Amanda said that Kasbah informed them last year that a room was available in the house, and asked if they wanted Joshua to move in.

After receiving the offer from the charity, Amanda and Rollo accepted the room and they claim Kasbah gave Josh a move-in date.

Amanda explained: “We were absolutely over the moon for Joshua when we received the news.

“We thought it was great for his development for him to interact with others and most importantly to make friends.

“The sheer joy on Joshua’s face when we gave him the news was brilliant to see.

“He was so excited for this new chapter in his life.”

Amanda said it was difficult to tell Joshua the "devastating news" when they found out he couldn’t move as they couldn’t fulfil the promise they made to their son.

She explained: “This has been a soul-destroying and frustrating struggle as Kent County Council refuse to listen to the opinions of doctor’s charity care experts or anyone that knows Josh, including their own social worker.

“Only if they were to meet Joshua and understand the everyday struggles that he goes through.

“It’s devastating to see that a county that we’ve lived in for many years, has treated us like this.”

Amanda said she wants the Council to “do what is right and to provide a future” for Joshua.

They will now continue to look for other facilities for Joshua to move into.

The News Shopper has contacted Kent County Council for a comment regarding Joshua’s situation.

A spokesperson for Kasbah said:" Kasbah are working with the care management team to find a suitable compromise.

"We are very sorry for the distress this situation has caused Josh and his family but are hopeful we will have a solution very soon.

"Joshua is still accessing our day services whilst this matter is being addressed so he will not be left without any provision."

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