Currys is offering money off in stores when you recycle your old, broken or unused technology with them.

The technology retailer has announced the launch of the UK’s first ever recycling scheme that gives monetary reward for old tech.

The Cash for Trash programme is a month long initiative offering a voucher worth at least £5 when old tech is recycled.

If the recycled tech has a higher trade in value than £5, a higher voucher will be given away.

The scheme runs until April 15.

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Lindsay Haselhurst, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Currys said: “We are already helping thousands of customers recycle unwanted tech every day. But Cash for Trash aims to take it to the next level.

“This trial is all about making recycling easy and rewarding. We’re urging the nation to look in drawers, under the sofa and up in the loft – as these unused tech devices that have seen better days could be repaired, rehomed, or recycled into something new.

“We really are accepting any tech, bought from anywhere, even if it’s broken – it might look like trash, but it isn’t to us.”

The retailer collects on average 5,500 thousand tonnes of tech a month and is hoping to surpass that in the month of Cash for Trash.

Ms Haselhurst added: “Cash for Trash is good for consumers’ wallets and for the planet.

“You can be confident that your tech will be handled responsibly by the thousands of dedicated Currys colleagues who are experts in diagnosing and advising on the best outcome for unwanted and broken items – whether that’s repairing, refurbishing, or recycling.”

You can learn more about the Cash for Trash scheme on Currys website.