Dartford Borough Council are considering the introduction of a Public Spaces Protection Order which they believe would help tackle dangerous, anti-social and inconsiderate driving.

This would include a borough-wide ban on car cruising, wheel spins, racing and performing stunts, along with the recording of these types of activities.

The proposed PSPO would give the Council and Kent Police officers the powers to fine any vehicle owners carrying out these behaviours.

The Council said that they have been told late-night gatherings of vehicles, particularly in the Crossways Boulevard area of Greenhithe, have an impact on how safe people feel in the area.

Dartford Borough Council is asking people and local businesses to share their experience via an online survey, which will help shape the outcome of this consultation and be used for further recommendations.

The survey closes April 1 at 4pm and a draft of the proposed PSPO is also available to view online.

Leader of the Council Jeremy Kite MBE said: “The Council doesn’t want to get in the way of people enjoying themselves, but using public highways to race near people’s homes and businesses is unacceptable “There are places where these kinds of meet-ups can take place safely, so that car enthusiasts can enjoy themselves freely without endangering pedestrians’ lives or causing a nuisance to nearby properties.

“I’d encourage residents to respond to this consultation and to share it, so that we can be fully informed of local people’s views before approving the PSPO.”

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