A retired doctor who endured surgery complications has built a positive outlook of life and has converted his experience into a book.

Dr Bhaskar Bora says he was a well-thought of doctor across Bromley for 21 years – with five GP surgeries and a successful rapport with patients.

The doctor was also an entrepreneur, a businessman who owned a high end Indian restaurant and cocktail bar off Sutton high street.

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On July 17, 2019, Dr Bhaskar Bora attended what he thought would be a relatively minor operation, but soon faced complications that would change his life forever.

Dr Bhaskar Bora awoke from the operation to find himself near-on paralysed from the waist down.

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Now, the doctor uses his debility as a voice for others with disabilities, as he hosts motivational talks and is set to release his autobiography, The Second Chance in Life.

“The book is an honest reflection of my life” Dr Bhaskar says, as it follows the highs and lows of understanding his physical disability.

Dr Bhaskar Bora told the News Shopper: “I want to have my story to be an inspiration to others - for people who have been through similar situations.

“I was doing pretty well both in in terms of my businesses and had a nice, small family.

“After the first surgical treatment, I had to have more surgeries afterwards - but by the time the second surgery was done, it was too late, and the disabilities became permanent.”

Dr Bhaskar says he has been attending neuro rehabilitation for more than two years, where he has been learning life skills, such as standing up and riding a bike.

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He added: “My right hand was affected so I had to learn life skills one by one.

“I went through a process of grief through frustration – like asking myself why it had to be me.”

Dr Bhaskar had to give up his GP practises after he was told by occupational health experts that he wasn’t physically fit enough to carry on working.

He said: “It took me another eight months to get a pension and I basically lost everything – my life was turned upside down.

“Whatever money I got from my pension, I had to spend on getting a more disabled friendly house.

“I couldn't get up the stairs to go into the bedroom, so I was sleeping downstairs.”

Dr Bhaskar told the News Shopper of his mental health struggles whilst learning to cope with his spinal injury and financial concerns.

“I was almost at the point of giving up”, Dr Bhaskar explained, but his two daughters inspired the retired doctor to find the “bigger purpose” in life.

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He added: “I thought there must be reason behind this all of this - there might be bigger purpose for me.

“Somehow, whether it was the time that I spent in the hospital room, or seeing people who were worse off than me, my thoughts turned positive.

“I decided to make the best of my life – however long is left.”

Dr Bhaskar Bora then began to share his positive mindset across social media websites – by writing inspiring messages for his friends to see.

He says he received positive feedback from those reading the posts, specifically on doctors’ groups, and was told he had a “knack” for writing and should write a book.

“That’s where it all started, and I wrote my life story into a book, The Second Chance in Life,” he explained.

“Initially I thought it would be impossible, but I finished the entire book over a three month period.

“A publisher through LinkedIn contacted my friend, saying they wanted to distribute my book.

“That was where it began – The Second Chance in Life will be available to buy in shops from April 21.”

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Dr Bhaskar Bora says his dad, who sadly passed away last year, was a great role model throughout his life.

Dr Bhaskar said: “My dad had a stroke 20 years ago and was paralysed on his left side.

“We were young when it happened - I just completed medical school and had to go through the struggle of caring for him.

“I was always concerned about my family security.

“So, as soon as I started earning well enough, I started buying insurances and investing in whatever I could, so that my own family didn’t have to go through the same trials and tribulations that we had.

“I’ve never been scared of dying, but I was always afraid of becoming paralysed.

“And strangely enough, that's exactly what happened to me.”

Dr Bhaskar Bora says his latest book isn’t all “doom and gloom” as it covers chapters of faith, nostalgic school days and humour – a perfect option for readers of all genres.

He added: “There's some analogy as to how an eagle flies higher when the storm comes, but the mouse kind of hides in the hole.

“So, I had to be the eagle and tried to be better during the tougher times to survive.”

The Second Chance in Life is available to purchase on Amazon now and will in stores from Monday, April 21.

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