A Bromley art dealer is set to step into the ring for a boxing match in front of hundreds of spectators.

Steven Sulley will be tugging on a pair of boxing gloves on Saturday to face off against opponent Eri Selcjekaj.

Although an art dealer and entrepreneur by trade, Steven has been boxing since the age of 14 when he took up the sport to try and stay out of trouble as a youngster.

Steven is taking on the charity match to raise funds for Bromley and Downham Amateur Boxing Club, where he has been training since he was a teenager.

Steven said: “This club means so much to me, as going there when I was growing up really built my confidence.”

Steven also credits Bromley and Downham Amateur Boxing Club with giving him the tools to become a successful business.

He said his time at the club helped him learn how to deal with stressful and difficult situations.

He added: “The club gave me the right mindset for going into business – it allowed me to better deal with stressful or tough situations and I have a lot to thank the club for.”

The match will take place at the K2 Leisure Centre in Crawley this Saturday.

Doors will open at 5pm.

Steven credits Bromley and Downham Amateur Boxing Club with helping him gain confidence as a young lad and hopes to raise £2000 for the club.

He raised £1,000 after taking part in a similar match in 2019.

Steven also donated £2,000 to the club to save it from closure.

All proceeds from Steven’s match will be used to encourage young people from the area to take up boxing.

By doing so, Steven hopes it will help local youths develop skills and stay off the streets.

Money raised will also go towards equipment and transport costs for future matches.

Steven added: “I believe in boxing and how it helps kids develop their skills and, most importantly, mindset.

“It’s the noble art that has valuable teachings, and Bromley & Downham gave me these important characteristics.”

Richard Foster, owner of Bromley and Downham Amateur Boxing Club, said: “Steve took part in his first tournament for Bromley and Downham Amateur Boxing Club in April 2001 and, after he finished boxing for us, he has always stayed in touch.

“Amateur boxing clubs are voluntary run, and without the help of sponsorship and donations our club would not survive.

“It’s nice that one of our former boxers is putting something back into the club.

“At Bromley and Downham it’s not just about teaching young people how to box, we teach our members discipline, self-respect, confidence and other life skills which hopefully will help them as they grow into adults, trying to keep them on the right path in life.”

For more information on how to purchase a ticket for the match, call 07513 359405 or donate to the cause here.

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