The average price for fish and chips is set to surpass £10 for the first time, the organisation behind chip shops across the country has said.

A portion of the nation’s favourite dish is set to become a lot more expensive as prices surge.

The price hike is due to a huge rise in cost, the National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF) said.

Since October last year the price of cod has risen by 75% while the price of haddock has gone up by 85%.

But it’s not just fish that is leading to the increased price of a Friday night fish supper.

Mushy peas have seen a 120% price increase while there has been a 40% surge in the price of batter.

President of the NFFF Andrew Cook, who owns a chippie in Lancashire, has warned prices could rise from £7.50 to over £10.

Andrew said: "We have always worked on very narrow margins but now the increases are so severe it is going to be impossible for businesses to absorb."

He added: “We are in unprecedented times where we are seeing high levels of inflation and food inflation is even higher.

“Most of the supplies we use in the fish and chip industry have increased drastically in price and we are expecting this to continue for some considerable time.

“Other products are simply not available, and we have seen suppliers move away from the sector.”