What is thought to be a new Tesco advert has been filmed in Catford today as a local caught some exciting footage of the set.

The footage shows a woman in a shopping trolley being pushed down Blythe Hill Lane by a man behind her.

Following a "lights, camera an action" callout from crew members, a camera trolley is pulled alongside the shopping trolley to film the eight seconds of fun.

The woman in the trolley and the man pushing the trolley have beaming smiles as they reach the cut off point for their take.

A passing-by member of a Blythe Hill Village community group told the News Shopper that they were told by crews that the filming was for a Tesco advert.

They also said they heard some neighbours say it was specifically for Tesco Mobile phones - so aren't sure exactly which.

The Blythe Hill community member added: "I think they are filming outside a house in the same street tonight, and at other locations nearby with the trolley - possibly Crofton Park Road.

"It was all very friendly and professional but I didn't stop to talk much to be honest."

The News Shopper has contacted Tesco to ask for confirmation on whether this was filmed for the company.

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