One of the RAF’s most senior officers has been suspended after neighbours complained to police after he was spotted nude in the garden.

54-year-old Air Marshal Andrew Turner has written a letter of apology after standing naked in the garden of his £1.4 million home.

The RAF’s deputy chief has reportedly sent a letter to his neighbours apologising for the incident and the “absolutely unintentional” upset caused.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “Turner's neighbour saw him watching him and his family from his garden. He was on his own land but he was naked. He bared his backside at Simon.”

Turner, tipped to be the next RAF chief, was reportedly suspended for two weeks amid the police investigation after reporting the matter to his boss Chief Air Marshal Mike Wigston.

A message to RAF station commanders two weeks ago said Turner has “stepped back due to a personal matter”.

The RAF confirmed the investigation while Thames Valley Police refused to comment.