South east London is a very special place - a home to many, attractive to tourists and filled with things to do and people to see.

But where are the most important places to go?

We asked News Shopper readers where every person in south east London should visit at least once - and some of the responses are great.

So, if you're living there, thinking of doing so, or fancying just a fleeting visit to the south east of the capital - here's where you mustn't miss out on.

From parks to takeaways, which have you been to?

Places exactly as suggested by News Shopper readers:

Greenwich Park

News Shopper:

Blackheath Common - with a kite

Horniman Museum and Gardens

News Shopper:

Maritime Museum


Climbing over the o2 arena in North Greenwich

News Shopper:

The Great Harry, Woolwich

Jambs Owl Experience - Hall Place and Gardens

"News Shopper HQ"

Chislehurst Caves

News Shopper:

Red House

Eltham Palace


Every pub in Greenwich followed by every pub in Chislehurst

Greenwich Observatory

Sunrise Chinese Takeaway, Eltham

News Shopper:

Danson Park

Morley's Chicken, Peckham

News Shopper:

And, last but not least there are some happy south east Londoners who said the best place is "any road out of it".

We'll let you decide if that's true...

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