An individual has been arrested on suspicion of a robbery in Welling.

Officers from the south east Violence Suppression Unit (VSU) say they responded to reports of a robbery yesterday evening (January 12).

Police says they had identified a suspect who left the scene by bus.

“Multiple people” had been detained as a part of enquiries, according to the officers.

The suspect was also found in possession of a knife and a knuckleduster.

The victim’s personal property was also recovered following the robbery.

The suspect remains in police custody at a south east London Police station.

Bexley Police (@BexleyPolice) said: “Officers from the South East Violence Suppression Unit (VSU) have responded to reports of a robbery in #Welling this evening.

“Officers identified the suspect had left the scene by bus.

“VSU officers detained multiple people as part of their enquiries and have now made an arrest for robbery.

“Officers recovered the victim’s personal property along with a knife and a knuckleduster from the suspect

“The individual arrested remains in police custody at a South East London Police Station.”

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