Aldi has issued a statement after shoppers at its Orpington store have been fined for using the designated car park during store opening hours.

Nick Pradic was one shopper who was slapped with a £100 fine for parking at the Sevenoaks Way store.

He arrived at the Aldi at 8.30pm on December 3 and said he “saw a sign saying three hours free parking” before subsequently leaving the shop at 9.15pm.

A week later, Nick was “stunned” to have received a £100 parking fine through the post for parking in the store’s car park during the hours mentioned.

He said he went back to the car park in daylight to have a look what was actually written on the parking sign in “smaller letters”.

News Shopper: The sign at the store (photo: Nick Pradic)The sign at the store (photo: Nick Pradic)

Nick told the News Shopper: “On going back to the car park in daylight, we saw it is written that you are only allowed to park there until 9pm, but the new store is open until 10pm.

“I spoke to Aldi who said they cannot find the car park on their system.

“I have been back to the store and was assured that the fine would be rescinded but it is patently ridiculous that a supermarket is open until 10pm but you have to be out of the car park in its vicinity by 9pm.”

An Aldi spokesperson has since said the charge was “given in error due to an issue with the parking technology” at the store in Sevenoaks Way.

They assured that this has now been resolved.

Nick said he has appealed the fine with ParkingEye, and that he was told that the manager would “deal with” the fine after taking the letter into the Aldi store.

He added: “It seems a lot of people have been caught out by this and it’s absolutely ridiculous.”

A further person, who wishes to remain anonymous, also informed the News Shopper that they knew of Aldi shoppers who had been given fines for parking post-9pm.

The full statement from a spokesperson for Aldi said: “This charge was given in error due to an issue with the parking technology at our Sevenoaks Way store which has now been resolved.

“Anyone who feels they were issued a fine incorrectly at this store should contact Aldi’s customer services team directly.”

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