It's Christmas time and we've all been getting into the festive spirit, including the four-legged furry cuties among us...

We asked News Shopper readers to send us in the best pictures of their festive pets.

From Christmassy pups and kittens to horses and hamsters, here are some of the most adorable snaps.

Love the jumpers on these three handsome chaps!

News Shopper: photo: Laura Noblephoto: Laura Noble

Those antlers...

News Shopper: photo: Lindsey Morelandphoto: Lindsey Moreland

Santa or a cute little kitten?

News Shopper: photo: Hannah Johnsonphoto: Hannah Johnson

"Please can I have some presents santa"

News Shopper: photo: Sandra Westphoto: Sandra West

This guy has the full gear...

News Shopper: photo: Donna Lou Childsphoto: Donna Lou Childs


News Shopper: photo: Cazie Jonesphoto: Cazie Jones

"Are these presents mine?"

News Shopper: photo: Valerie Bullenphoto: Valerie Bullen

What a cute little poser!

News Shopper: photo: Jo Millsphoto: Jo Mills

A Christmas walk!

News Shopper: photo: Karlene Hindsphoto: Karlene Hinds


News Shopper: photo: Rachael Louise Eelsphoto: Rachael Louise Eels

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