Parts of the UK have woken up to a white Christmas today according to the Met Office - so here's your hour-by-hour London forecast for the day.

Shetland and parts of eastern Scotland have woken up to a white Christmas, the Met Office confirmed.

As of 7am on Christmas Day, the weather agency said there had been snowfall, with more forecast for later in the day in the southern Highlands.

Aboyne in Aberdeenshire and Strathallan in Perthshire were found to have encountered some snowfall overnight.

On Twitter, the Met Office said: “We’ve already seen some #snow in Shetland, parts of eastern Scotland.”

A tweet from the Met Office also noted that snow had been seen in the Yorkshire Dales via traffic cameras.

A Met Office spokesperson said: “We have seen snowfall through the early hours of Christmas Day, though there has not been any significant snowfall since 5am this morning.

“Up until then we saw snowfall across Aberdeenshire, Perthshire and Shetland.

“We have seen snowfall on Christmas Day, so it is officially a white Christmas.”

No further significant snow is expected until after midnight, the spokesperson added.

London will see temperatures of around 7C (44.6F) dropping to 6C (42.8F) around noon.

Here is the hour-by-hour Met Office forecast for London:

1pm - Overcast

2pm - Overcast

3pm - Overcast

4pm - Overcast

5pm - Overcast

6pm - Light rain

7pm - Heavy rain

8pm - Heavy rain

9pm - Heavy rain

10pm - Heavy rain

11pm - Heavy rain

London forecast in full:

Christmas Day: A damp, misty start to Christmas Day with some patchy light rain. Eastern areas drier by afternoon but further showery rain is likely to spread from the west, especially later. Feeling chilly with winds becoming brisk. Maximum temperature 9 °C.

Christmas night: A cloudy night across the region with rain affecting western areas  spreading further east to reach Kent later in the night. Becoming drier from west with chance of a shower. Minimum temperature 5 °C.

Boxing Day: Cloudy start to Boxing Day with rain clearing Kent. All parts turning brighter from the west with scattered showers likely, perhaps heavy near coasts. Winds mainly light. Maximum temperature 11 °C.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday: Monday and Tuesday mostly cloudy with some rain at times and temperatures near normal. Wednesday perhaps milder as windy weather probably spreads across the region with further rain.

Moving into Boxing Day, more snow is expected in parts of central and southern Scotland and the north-west of England, with the Met Office issuing a yellow weather warning.

Coming into effect just after midnight, the warning will last until noon, according to the agency.

A combination of strong winds and snow on higher ground is expected to disrupt travel.

Roads and railways could be impacted, with the possibility of power outages.

Elsewhere, a Christmas weather warning has been issued for rain in Northern Ireland.

Due to be in effect from 3pm on Saturday to 9am the following day, parts of County Down and County Armagh can expect heavy downpours.

The rain could also result in travel disruption and the Met Office said “flooding of a few homes and businesses is likely”.

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