A CRAYFORD McDonald’s has been granted permission for a new 24-hour drive-thru, despite a fierce backlash from locals who fear rubbish will fill the streets.

The fast food joint in Tower Retail Park in Crayford got the green light to set up all night drive-thru and delivery services.

It will run on a trial basis for a year as Bexley Council looks to iron out potential issues raised by locals.

They include increases in littering, anti-social behaviour and fears that the lure of McDonald’s stops people going for healthier food options.

The planning committee voted through proposals on December 16, allowing the burger chain to now operate between 12am-5am.

While the restaurant remains closed, locals can swing by the drive-thru and grab a meal in the middle of the night.

They can also send delivery drivers to pick up their food whenever they want.

But locals have complained about the amount of rubbish this could attract in the area.

The council report warns that neighbours close to the McDonald’s fear an “increase in littering and, in turn, vermin” due to the increased activity.

An increase in rubbish could be one of the factors which could see the permission for a drive-thru revoked.

The report notes that this type of anti-social behaviour has been reported in a Bromley McDonald’s after they opened for 24 hours.

Locals also fear noise from drivers and passers-by as they urged the council not to allow the project to progress.

Councillor June Slaughter added: “Delivery drivers aren’t under the control of the applicant as they are controlled by third parties.”

But supporters of the expansion say that given it is normally only overnight workers who will be in the car park during these hours, this should not be an issue.

They add that this change will also boost employment and should provide only minor disruption to residents.

McDonald’s have been contacted for comment.

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