The newly-elected MP for Old Bexley and Sidcup has voted against the Prime Minister’s motion for vaccine passports - 12 days after his election.

Conservative MP Louie French, who took his parliamentary oath on December 6, voted against Johnson’s proposals for Covid Plan B yesterday.

The MP, who is yet to speak in Parliament, tweeted yesterday evening: “I fully support the booster rollout and I will get mine ASAP thanks to the efforts of the government, NHS, pharmacies, army and volunteers.

“But, I made a clear pre-election pledge that I would not support Covid passes for our domestic economy and voted accordingly.”

He was one of almost 100 Tory MPs who voted against the motion which includes a Covid passport system for access to large venues and nightclubs.

Yesterday’s vote marked the largest Tory rebellion of Johnson’s premiership.

The motion will go ahead, however, with a total of 369 votes supporting the measure.

Louie French said: “The Government has introduced temporary measures under ‘Plan B’ to help slow the spread of Coronavirus and the Omicron variant, including the reintroduction of the guidance to work from home if you can and the extension of the wearing of face coverings in a range of indoor venues.

"I support these measures which I believe are targeted in our fight against Coronavirus.

“However, I made a clear pre-election pledge that I would not support the introduction of Covid passes for our domestic economy and as such I have honoured my word and voted against bringing in such measures.”

Since French’s election, which saw only one third of those who were eligible choose to vote, he has announced his resignation from his job in financial services in the City of London as well as giving up his allowances as Councillor for Falconwood and Welling, despite remaining in this post until next May.

French additionally voted for the Nationality and Borders Bill on December 8.

This latest move, which he says is a fulfillment of his election promises, has received mixed reactions on Twitter.

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