A man has been arrested after an ordeal in Lewisham resulted in car keys being found in someone's underpants.

Police say a person was seen speeding towards Rushey Green in SE7 - and so a stop was put in.

They then reported that the driver had no insurance - despite the suspect insisting he could prove his insurance on his phone.

Officers say he was given time to provide this but wasn't able to - so they asked him to exit the vehicle but he allegedly refused.

Police added that despite the vehicle being blocked in to prevent the suspect from leaving the scene, the vehicle made off from police by driving on the pavement.

One of the police officers reportedly fell over onto another car which caused bruising to the arm as a result.

Police say the suspect "continued to drive at other officers" and then made off.

The vehicle was found decamped soon after.

The suspect was then reportedly found hiding in a garden in Wearside Road.

He was strip searched in custody and car keys belonging to the vehicle were found in his underpants, according to police.

The man was arrested on suspicion of failing to provide, failing to stop, no insurance, dangerous driving, driving not in accordance of a license and attempted GBH with intent.


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