We aren't sure anyone will be sleeping in THAT bed, but someone paid £164k for this derelict flat in Lewisham this week.

The one-bed flat is located in Westhorne Avenue in Lee.

It was listed on Zoopla with a guide price for £125,000 - but on Thursday sold with Auction House London for £164,000.

It's now going to require large renovation costs, a lot of work - and someone who actually dares go inside it.

News Shopper:

The outside of the block has a modern feel and seems to be four stories high.

But flat 8 doesn't quite have the same touch - with walls, ceilings and floors that have been completely ripped of their furnishings.

And, not only that, the walls in the living room appear to be ridden with mould, or some other stainings.

News Shopper:

Remnants of a sofa, a TV stand, and a dining table with chairs still remain.

The blinds are closed, with their brown-ridden slats letting in peeps of light.

The kitchen hasn't been cooked in for a while (hopefully) and has also been ripped out to leave stained walls - and what looks to be quite an alright oven and washing machine.

News Shopper:

The cupboards and sink are still visible - as are old blue tiles which once covered the walls.

The bedroom walls are covered in stains and the matress looks as though it has been painted brown.

News Shopper:

The wooden bed frame appears to be holding up a set of wooden drawers - which without it look like they would fall over.

The bath, sink and shower look like they'd make you more dirty than clean - but once clearly offered a good space for bathing and washing.

News Shopper:

The plaster is falling off the ceiling in the bathroom, but there's still a round mirror fixed firmly to the tiled walls.

While at the moment grim, derelict and outright inhabitable - this flat was clearly once the perfect hub for someone.

And, with a lick of paint and some TLC - hopefully it will be again soon.

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