A driver who parked her car in Chislehurst has voiced her anger over being issued a parking ticket – for parking “two to three inches” out of the lined bay.

Linsey Salter left her black Mercedes-Benz parked outside the Giggling Squid restaurant in Chislehurst High Street while she went there for lunch on December 2.

She parked within a bay, and says she paid for her parking via the RingGo app.

News Shopper:

She came back from her meal to find a “totally unfair” £60 parking ticket on her car, issued by Bromley Council, for parking out of the line.

Linsey, from Chislehurst, says she has “never heard of parking tickets being issued for not parking perfectly within a bay” before.

She told the News Shopper: “I had no choice but to park there as the car next to me was on the line.

“They’d parked so far over that I wouldn’t have been able to get out if I parked any nearer to them.

“It was totally unfair as I wouldn’t have been able to exit my vehicle otherwise.

“I was also with a disabled passenger, my neighbour, so could not have reversed in or she wouldn’t have been able to get out either.”

Linsey appealed her penalty charge notice with Bromley Council – who says it is “looking to assess the detail” before formally responding.

News Shopper:

She added: “I have gone past there several times now and seen other cars parked over the lines.

“The bays are very small, and let’s face it, cars are getting bigger.

“These are in fact new rules to me and I have never heard of being ticketed for parking marginally outside a bay before.

“This is crazy, and if they are doing this, they should put up a set of rules so people are in fact aware.

“It’s more the principle for me – this has been unfairly issued.”

News Shopper: LinseyLinsey

A spokesperson for Bromley Council said it is “important to remember that there are important principles here” – which “if not followed would mean that no one would park within a bay”.

The full Council statement said: “We have received an appeal from a motorist, with the penalty charge notice on hold whilst we look to assess the detail before formally responding to the motorist concerned.

“We will always respond to appeals and hold the potential for reduced payment if this applicable.

“We have always advised motorists to appeal a PCN, advising of the circumstances if they feel it is unfair and this longstanding advice remains in place.

“Whilst we will look at the circumstances in this or any appeal case, it is important to remember there are important principles here, which if not followed would mean that no one would park within a bay, inconveniencing others, which would mean there are fewer spaces for motorists to park in and ultimately fewer shoppers able to visit local shops.”

Linsey's ticket included a 50 per cent discount to £30 if paid within 14 days.

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