An outraged mum has slammed McDonald's after she claimed to receive the wrong order for her daughter with food allergies.

The mum, who wishes to be kept anonymous, claimed to have waited two hours for her order from the Dartford McDonald’s in Spital Street.

She said when it did arrive it was “full of dairy” - which she says her one-year-old is allergic to.

McDonald's has since apologised for the mistake and said they take order accuracy “very seriously”.

The mum told the News Shopper she had been “careful to order dairy-free products online” but was “furious” to “discover that it was laced with dairy when it arrived late”.

She said: “I ordered food from the Dartford, Spital Street branch.

“I waited nearly two hours for my order, and it was completely wrong including the order number.

“My daughter had no food as she is allergic to dairy and the whole order had dairy in it.

“I specifically have to order food with no dairy, so it doesn’t contain any cheese or butter.

“It’s absolutely outrageous.”

The News Shopper previously reported on a video circulating on social media that showed a McDonald’s staff member from the same branch throwing deliveries on the floor.

The video was posted by a man who said that his son’s “food didn't turn up so he went” to the McDonald’s Dartford restaurant in Spital Street.

It is captioned “McDonald’s in Dartford tonight my son’s food didn't turn up, so he went down there”.

McDonald’s said staff members worked as “quickly as possible to rectify the situation and provided all customers with new, freshly prepared products”.

The mum of the dairy-allergic baby also explained how she felt after seeing this video circulating on social media.

She said: “After I saw all the bags on the floor and seeing the food being thrown on the floor, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

News Shopper: McDonald's, Dartford (photo: Google)McDonald's, Dartford (photo: Google)

“I don’t think they should be getting away with treating people’s food like that and playing with people’s health.”

A spokesperson for McDonald’s said they “have procedures in place to avoid inaccurate orders”.

The full statement from the spokesperson said: “This is the first time our restaurant in Dartford has been made aware of this and we are very sorry to hear of this customer’s experience.

“We take order accuracy very seriously and have a number of procedures in place to avoid inaccurate orders.

“We would encourage this customer to contact our customer services team directly.”

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