Comedian Jack Whitehall unveiled a new Clifford The Big Red Dog statue in Leicester Square this week. 

The statue is to mark the release of the new film based on Clifford starring Jack Whitehall and is expected in theatres on December 10. 

The installation of the children's character Clifford is in support of animal charity Battersea to help raise awareness on how unique and special rescue animals are and how all animals deserve a loving home.

People can visit the statue in Leicester Square until March where it is joined by fellow iconic characters including, Batman, Bugs Bunny, Mary Poppins, and Harry Potter. 

News Shopper: Battersea have partnered with Clifford the Big Red Dog. (eOne)Battersea have partnered with Clifford the Big Red Dog. (eOne)

The sculpture took three months to create with a team of 15 spending over 1,000 man-hours working hard on the five-meter statue. 

Plus the bronze dog is nearly four times the size of a normal dog and weighed 30 times more than an average dog at 600kg.