A video circulating on social media shows a McDonald’s staff member in Dartford throwing deliveries on the floor.

The video was posted by a man who said that his son’s “food didn't turn up so he went” to the McDonald’s Dartford restaurant in Spital Street.

It is captioned “McDonald’s in Dartford tonight my son’s food didn't turn up, so he went down there”.The following can be heard being said in the video: “She’s throwing the food, like it’s no one else’s food, someone’s got to eat that.”

The footage which News Shopper saw on Facebook has reached more than 9,700 views and 153 comments.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said their team in Dartford worked immediately to fix the situation.

The spokesperson said: “We are sorry to hear of this customer’s experience.

“McDelivery was unavailable for a short time and we are working with Just Eat to investigate the matter further.

“Our team at Dartford worked as quickly as possible to rectify the situation and provided all customers with new, freshly prepared products.

“Complimentary replacement products were also offered and accepted by the customer in question.

News Shopper: photo credit: Brian Covillphoto credit: Brian Covill

“We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience caused.”

News Shopper also spoke with Krissy, a delivery driver, who claims to be one of the drivers who was at the Dartford branch.

Krissy said “the McDonald’s staff were not at fault as the orders couldn’t be found on their system”.

She explained: “We had all been waiting for longer than 15 minutes, usually an order takes no longer than 10 minutes to be ready for delivery.

“When we asked the staff in McDonald’s where our orders were, they couldn't find them on the system.

“And the orders they had made and given the numbers to drivers for had not come through to drivers.

“Maybe half the orders had no drivers to pick them up but had come through to be prepared by McDonald’s by mistake.

“McDonald’s was left with a large amount of waste orders that no one had picked up.

“There were too many to place in the small bins on the lobby floor, so the staff piled them in a closed off area on the floor where no customers could access, and then bagged them and took them straight up to the dumpsters at the car park beside the top floor of the store.

“That is why those orders were on the floor, they were not customer orders but mistakes.

“Any customers who didn't receive their food would have got a refund via Just Eat either by Just Eat cancelling the order or them cancelling it.”

News Shopper: Dartford McDonald's Spital Street.Dartford McDonald's Spital Street.

A spokesperson for Just Eat said they are currently investigating what happened and are in touch with the restaurant partner.

The spokesperson said: “At Just Eat, we want all of our customers to have a positive experience when ordering food online.

“We are currently investigating what happened in this case and are in touch with the restaurant partner."

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