We asked News Shopper readers what they wanted to be when they were growing up and whether it happened – and some of the suggestions were hilarious.

There were a mix of responses - ranging from lion tamer to healthcare professionals.

Sadly, we never got a south east London Beyonce or vampire.

Here’s some of their fantastic responses:

Wendy Cox said: “I wanted to play with puppies all day.

“Mum said there was no such job.

“I now run a home boarding and daycare for doggies.

“In your face Ma!”

Jane Fitzgerald said: “Beyonce and no.”

Rob Ellis-Boak said: “I wanted to be an adult.

“Oh well, can’t have everything I suppose!”

Mick Kennedy said: “Grown up, it ain’t happened yet.

“I’m only 70yrs old.”

Sue Radford said: “When I was about eight I wanted to be Carlotta from Enid Blyton’s stories.

“That didn’t happen”

Chrissy Tondina Turner said: “A lion tamer.

“Never give up on your dreams”.

Rex Hiseman-Baker said: “Vampire. Yes.”

Becca Stillman said: “I just wanted to be a mum… currently have baby number four on the way and work for myself at home!”

June White said: “Nurse and yes I did.”

Tinqua Burton said: “I liked the ‘bib,bib’ noise of the cashier scanning the items at the checkout in Asda when I was little… I did eventually end up working there in my 20s.

“Not anymore, but I do remember the sound wasn’t as fun as when I actually did start working there”

Stevie Daniels said: “Successful”

Nichola Medhurst Robinson said: “A neurosurgeon.

“Um, no haha.

“But I do assist in a surgery so that’s good enough.”

Pamela Stanton said: “I delivered the News Shopper when I was 13.

“I wanted to work in a bank.”

Darren Pelling said: “A penguin.”

Sandra Jury said: “Be in a rock band.


“Or be a raf pilot.

“Nope to that too.

“Oh well.”

Chris Mayers May said: “Footballer indeed it did but never stick at it now look back with regrets.”

Lorraine Barrett said: “Teacher then police woman now in security!!”

Gina Barker said: “A landlord.

“A foster carer.

“A wife and mother.”

Looks like the people of south east London are as creative as they are genius.

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