One in eight London renters have repair issues that have never been fixed by their landlords, according to a recent survey. 

Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors surveyed 2,000 UK renters and have found that 79% of London renters are living with building issues. 

Damp is the most widely reported problem according to the survey results. 

The results revealed that a quarter of Londoners had to wait over a month for the issues to be fixed, with some having to wait for more than six months. 

News Shopper: Damp is renters biggest issue. (PA)Damp is renters biggest issue. (PA)

What are the most common disrepair issues in London? 

Across all the potential housing issues and disrepairs, five have been named the most common. 

Damp comes in first place with 47%, following closely behind is water leaks or blocked pipes at 45.9%.

In third place is heating or hot water with over 38.7% of renters experiencing problems. 

At 34% is electrical hazards, which is swiftly followed by mould at 31.4%.