Wetherspoon pubs can be found in nearly every town and city up and down the Country. 

Known for their cheap drinks and food, the pubs are usually packed with people every day. 

Some people even plan to try and travel to all the Wetherspoons across the UK.

But if you rather keep it a bit more local, we've put together a quick list of the best and worst Wetherspoons in South East London according to TripAdvisor.

News Shopper: See what the best and worst Wetherspoons in SE London are. (PA)See what the best and worst Wetherspoons in SE London are. (PA) (Image: PA)

1. The Furze Wren- Bexleyheath 

 Based in Bexleyheath this pub has top marks across the board for food, service, value, and atmosphere. 

With reviews giving positive experiences including "Friendly Staff. Good Service. ALways got our meals and drinks quickly". 

2. The Gate Clock- Greenwich

Just a short walk from the Cutty Stark, this family-friendly pub has over 350 reviews and has top marks for service and food. 

Regular pub visitors say it is "immaculately clean, including the toilets. Wetherspoon offers no surprises but there is a sense of security around their menu and cleanliness".

3. The Flying Boat- Dartford

News Shopper: The Flying Boat in Dartford. (TripAdvisor) The Flying Boat in Dartford. (TripAdvisor)

With a rating of 3.5, this value pub has many positive reviews and experiences. 

One TripAdvisor user that visits The Flying Boat frequently said it is "always full, always busy and always great service. Part of the Wetherspoons chain so you know what to expect; good beer and freshly cooked food".

4. The Greyhound- Bromley

Rated with an excellent atmosphere and service, this affordable pub has over 72 'very good' reviews on TripAdvisor. 

One reviewer that visited for the pub's steak night said he " Quickly ordered at the bar and meals arrived within 10 minutes. Friendly staff, good food at a reasonable price".

5. The Richmal Crompton- Bromley

Based in Bromley The Richmal Crompton has a 3.0 rating with good service and a nice atmosphere. 

Although faced with mixed reviews one user said that the beer is selection is good but took a while: "They had a good selection, but the wait to get a beer at the bar was a bit lengthy". 

6. The Wrong 'Un- Bexleyheath 

This pub has a high rating at 4.0 but a lot fewer reviews with under 100 giving their feedback, making it lower on the list. 

But it has good great service and like all Wetherspoons, the value is rated excellent. 

7. The Brockley Barge- Brockley 

News Shopper: The Brockley Barge in Brockley (TripAdvisor) The Brockley Barge in Brockley (TripAdvisor)

This Wetherspoons pub has mixed reviews with some saying it has excellent service and others suggesting it needs some improvement. 

One reviewer said it " If I may make one criticism it is that, late in the evenings, the clearing of used plates and cutlery from vacated tables could be carried out more quickly". 

8. The Watch House- Lewisham 

Although popular this pub has got some of the lower marks for atmosphere and food, with many saying it has a cold feeling and bad waiting times.

One TripAdvisor user said "Food was mediocre and the waiting times were awful. We waited 40 minutes for food followed by another half an hour for some pancakes desert! Wouldn’t recommend coming here especially on a Sunday, it wasn’t even busy but always short staffed".