The Met Office has announced the weather forecast for this upcoming Remembrance Day. 

This Sunday is Remembrance Sunday, where communiteis will gather to attend services to pay respects and remember the contribution of British and Commonwealth servicemen and women during the two World Wars and later conflicts. 

To make sure you're prepared for the weather we have looked at the weather forecast for local areas this Sunday. 


On Sunday the weather in Greenwich will be cloudy throughout the day with highs of 11 degrees.

There may be some wind and there is a chance of rain, so make sure to bring you coats with you. 


Sharing a similar report as Greenwich, Bromley will be cold and cloudy with a chance of wind. 

However, it does have a lower chance of rain than Greenwich. 

News Shopper: See the weather for Greater London. (PA)See the weather for Greater London. (PA)


The weather for Sunday in Bexley is predicted to be cold with a chance of rain for the whole day. 

It will also be cloudy and with dark clouds in the morning but brightening up towards the afternoon. 


If you're attending a service in Lewisham you'll need a thick coat. 

With a high chance of rain and high winds, plus like most of greater London, Lewisham will also have a cloudy day.