Will you hear Christmas songs being played across south east London yet or is it too early on?

We asked News Shopper readers what they thought, and whether they'd started playing the festive tunes yet.

There were a mix of responses - with some totally against the idea and others being open to listening to Christmas music all year round.

Here's what they said:

Angie Zuhlke said: "My son plays Christmas songs throughout the year."

Anna Sherry said: "I hate Christmas songs, I wear my earphones in shops that play them."

Julie Ramsden said: "Not too early, we are planning a big Christmas sing-a-long on 20th November at Welling Corner after the Christmas market when we switch the lights on!"

Karen Fisher said: "I've got Heart Christmas on in my car."

Stephen Carter said: "No No No No No Christmas songs for another month!"

Diane Twiner said: "Been tuning in to Heart Christmas for a couple of weeks now."

Joan Bull said: "Yes it's way too early."

Robert Wright said: "One month too early."

Nicky Carver said: "Never too late lol B&M has Xmas songs on lol I loved it."

Leanne Hone said: "I've started."

John Horton said: "It should be banned until the 1st of December."

Stephanie Howard said: "Started end of October."

It seems there's no right or wrong answer - and some people just aren't ready to be as festive as others are this early on in November.

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