Fish and chips are a staple of British culture, with thousands of us traveling to our local best to enjoy the British tradition. 

Some of us even travel far and wide to experience the best fish and chips our cities have to offer. 

To make sure you know what the best chip shops to try in London are, we've put a quick list together of the best five based across London. 

1. The Golden Chippy

Based in Greenwich the Golden Chippy has been reviewed to have excellent value for money and brilliant food with very good service. 

Plus with perfectly cooked fish and batter that never goes short on its portion size, this is definitely worth a visit.

2. Fishcotheque

Fishcotheque is just near the River Thames and Waterloo East station and rated for brilliant food. 

It is also rated on the list of all of London's restaurants at number 100. 

3. The Mayfair Chippy

Based in Mayfair, this vegetarian-friendly restaurant may not be the cheapest of options but is definitely worth a try. 

With its great service and fantastic food, the Mayfair should be on your list. 

4. Fishers Restaurant and Takeaway

Just near Bishop Park this fish and chip shop has great value for money and high-quality food and service. 

The restaurant has a twist of food too, with salad options and gourmet burgers. 

5. The Prince of Wales

This Irish pub based in Elephant and Castle has a range of menu items but their fish and chips stand out against the rest. 

Plus with brilliant service and value for money, The Prince of Wales is worth a visit.