Officers in Bexley Village helped rescue a dog that was found hiding under a car in apparent fear of a nearby fireworks display last night (Saturday, November 6).

In a video posted to Twitter alongside several statements, an officer with the St Mary's and St James' branch of the Met Police in Bexley were seen helping people retrieve a dog from underneath a car in Bexley Village.

They went onto explain it had seemingly been scared by the fireworks and so sought out a place to hide.

"This evening I and PCSO Steve from @MPSSidcup were alerted to a stray dog petrified of the fireworks hiding underneath a car in Bexley Village. Thanks to the assistance of members of the public we were able to get the dog out safely," a tweet describing the incident read.

In later updates, the officers described searching for the dog's humans and eventually re-uniting them both after it had most likely fled in fear of the fireworks.

"It is likely this dog got of its lead or escaped through a property this evening due to fear of the fireworks. The dog is unharmed. Thanks to local members of the public... Good News! It has since been reunited with its owner :)".

According to the RSPCA, up to 45 per cent of dogs "show signs of fear when they hear" fireworks, with high anxiety and stress among impacts the explosives can have on the animals.

The group recommend taking dogs to a "safe haven" such as a bedroom or family inside space, before or during fireworks displays, and encourage muffling any sounds by closing windows and offering the dog distractions like chew toys.

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