There has been a lot of controversy recently as to whether fireworks should be restricted for use on Bonfire Night only.

Some supermarkets, including Sainsbury's, have stopped the sale of the explosives and others are selling silent ones.

There's become an area of debate around the danger, anti-social use and impact on pets of fireworks.

And, one police officer was injured in Woolwich over the weekend after a group of teens were throwing fireworks at cars and buses.

We asked News Shopper readers what they think about keeping fireworks restricted for use on November 5 only.

Here are some things they said: 

Laura J Sullivan said: "No because there are other festivals that use them.

"However, only silent ones should be sold and only for organised displays rather than general use.

"The noise is unnecessary."

Linda Pennell said: "Organised events only."

Leah Bullen said: "Not solely the 5th as organised displays are usually on a weekend.

"Don’t think they should be sold to the public though."

Jim Harbottle said: "Fireworks have been been on sale for over 100 years why is it just now everyone is moaning it shows what people are made of nowadays."

Alan AJ Wakeling said: "Banned for good."

Kari Draper said: "Agree with above because yes it can scare animals and vulnerable but the fact idiots are getting their hands on fireworks and putting public in danger is a bigger concern...

"If these teens think fireworks are funny, what else will they aim at or do to people?!"

Charlie Salter said: "What’s next? Restricting Christmas lights to the 25th of December?!"

Val-Eddie Hillier said: "Should be banned only allowed at proper supervised shows."

Jon Porter said: "Sorry but fireworks are great and should be available."

Jill Coles said: "They should be banned permanently.

"Do you know how many wildlife die as result of fire works fish that are poisoned by debris falling.

"That's not including all the pets that are absolutely petrified of the bangs."

Samantha Jayne Derrick said: "They should be only used for display purposes.

"You should have a licence for them.

"They can cause a lot of damage to people and properties."

Carissa Davis said: "Yes we only need fireworks on firework night.

"Not every day for a week leading up to it."

There's a real mix of opinions in south east London about the use of fireworks.

Bonfire Night is this Friday - November 5.

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