Happy Halloween! Have you ever wanted to know how many zombies neighbour you where you live?

Thought so...

A new investigation has shown which areas of the UK would be most affected by a zombie apocalypse.

The total number of zombies is synonymous to the number of graves in the area.

So, here we can reveal  how many zombies are living in each south east London borough.


Cemeteries: 20

Population: 249,301

Total zombies: 41,733

Zombie percentage ratio: 16.74%


Cemeteries: 21

Population: 332,752

Total zombies: 6699

Zombie percentage ratio: 2.01%


Cemeteries: 25

Population: 289,034

Total zombies: 10,649

Zombie percentage ratio: 3.68%


Cemeteries: 12

Population: 305,309

Total zombies: 24,480

Zombie percentage ratio: 8.02%


Cemeteries: 26

Population: 320,017

Total zombies: 267,818

Zombie percentage ratio: 83.69%


Cemeteries: 21

Population: 114,051

Total zombies: 5,538

Zombie percentage ratio: 4.86%

Estimations for this study are based on a sample of 369,240 globally geolocated cemeteries and graves acquired from an established public database of cemetery records.

RantCasino.com conducted the following research to replicate a hypothetical zombie apocalypse in which the deceased are resurrected as the living dead.

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