It's Halloween weekend, so doesn't everyone want to know where the ghosts are living nearby?!...

If the answer is no, look away NOW!

A new study of the Paranormal Database's huge record of sightings has revealed that London is the second most haunted city in the UK - with a total of 684 paranormal reports.

So, we've rounded up the ghost sightings that have been reported in south east London - with full details and locations:

Boat moored close to London Bridge

An employee on this boat reported seeing an image taken on board which shows the side view of a figure with ruffled collar. The figure disappears at the knee and looks as if it floats on a white cloud.

Thomas a Becket public house, Old Kent Road

At one time, the landlord here claimed he had a room so haunted upstairs that nobody could spend more than five minutes inside without fleeing in terror.

Greenwich Park, Crooms Hill Gate

A female witness watched a group of red haired women carrying a coffin in the area; the entities legs ended at the kneecaps, and they totally vanished when they reached the gate. Another entity that materialised by the side of a man in the park was described as short and ugly, and not quite human - needless to say, the witness to this one quickly moved away. Elliott O'Donnell stated this park is full of phantom birds.

122 Conington Road, Shepherd's Bush, Lewisham

A witness here said she watched a small flame, the size of a candle's, flicker around her bed.

One Tree Hill, Honor Oak Park, Dulwich, Forest Hill

A female dancer was seen performing perfect complex ballet moves on the hill late at night, without making a sound on the debris ridden ground.

Have you ever seen a ghost in one of these locations?!

The sightings reported in London on the Paranormal Database have also been put together to rank the most haunted areas:

1. Covent Garden, Holborn, Stand - 50

2. Mayfair, Marylebone, Soho - 48

3. Westminster, Belgravia, Pimlico - 44

4. Monument, Tower Hill, Aldgate - 30

5. Bloomsbury, Grays Inn - 28

6. Waterloo, Bermondsey, Southwark, Borough - 25

7. Fleet Street, St. Paul's - 24

8. Clerkenwell, Finsbury, Barbican - 19

9. Whitechapel, Stepney, Mile End - 18

10. Hamstead, Swiss Cottage - 16

If that doesn't get you in the spooky mood, then who knows what will...

The data was collected from the Paranormal Database by PaulCamper.

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