London's best chip shop has been revealed as the list of the UK's best chippies have been announced.

Holding the number one spot for London is Brockley's Rock based in South-East London.

The small chip shop has previously gained praise in the past after being awarded the Good Food Award for Fish and Chips 2020-2021.

But has now got another award to its shelf after being included in the Sarsons and the National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF) Guide to Quality Fish and Chips.

News Shopper: Brockley Rock has been named as London's best fish and chip shop. (NFFF)Brockley Rock has been named as London's best fish and chip shop. (NFFF)

What's on the Brockley Rock menu?

Brockley Rock offers a wide range of selected premium fish at reasonable prices.

Including Rock Salmon, Mackerel, Calamaria, and much more. They also offer grilled fish like Tiger Prawns and Seabass.

Plus the restaurant has vegetarian and vegan options, like a 'fish' steak or a grilled halloumi salad.

How was London's best chosen?

The NFFF and Sarsons were careful in the choice of shops, making sure that all chosen are clean, have a good layout, treat staff well and the final product be of quality finish.

This small but popular chip shop has proved to be London's best, so if you are ever in need of some quality fish, Brockley Rock would be the perfect place.