The most haunted areas of south east London and beyond have been revealed in a comprehensive 'ghost map' of the United Kingdom.

From haunted houses, old pubs to caves and manors, these could be the perfect locations to check out before Halloween, which is now just one week away.

The full list of haunted locations in south east London is below.

And using the list, we can declare the most haunted borough in the region.... is Bromley!

Bromley has by far the most locations with suspicious happenings and ghostly sightings, whilst Greenwich and Bexley both appear on the list.

News Shopper: The ghost mapThe ghost map

Lewisham is a bit of a disappointment when it comes to the supernatural however.

Central London has a much higher density of haunted locations than the rest of the capital.

The haunted locations database is a geographic mapping project displaying the locations of the most haunted places of the UK, currently listing 5,341 different locations.

You can also have a look, all you have to do is enter your location and explore the map to see how far you live from some paranormal activity.

You can check out the haunted database here.


The Queen's House

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Unexplained footsteps have been heard here, and rumours suggest Queen Elizabeth I still walks around the grounds in central Greenwich.

The Old Royal Naval College

Shuffling footsteps, misty shapes and doors that open and close by themselves have been reported in the Queen Anne Block.

The activity is attributed to Admiral Byng, who was found guilty after a failed battle and shot by firing squad on his ship.

Cutty Sark

A sailor has been seen in the rigging, scanning the horizon; he is thought to be a sailor who died on the ship while it was caught in a storm off Cape Horn.

Charlton House

Reports of a "lusty" phantom seeking a young woman with whom to procreate abound here; he is said to be Sir William Longhorne who died without an heir.

It is said that during World War 1, the House, used then as a military hospital, had one room that was left empty as nurses would not enter it.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

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There are apparently a number of ghost stories attached to the vital south east London hospital.

One of them, a "huge smoky black shape of a person" was seen drifting through a wall, across a room and then through the opposite wall by a nurse who went for a cigarette.


Bexley Hall Place

Now this is a haunted destination. There are many ghosts associated with the halls; one of the phantoms is the Black Prince, Edward III's son who had been staying at the place before he went to war in France. One of the residents, Lady Limerick believed the ghost protected her family.

A locked room in the tower within the Place has been the source of reports of weeping and moaning; it is believed to be the ghost of Lady Constance who witnessed her husband being killed by a stag.

The founder of the Hell Fire Club, Sir John Dashwood is also said to haunt the place. He appears in the tower, where footsteps and music have also been heard.


Churchill Theatre

In the past, a man in a trilby hat is said to have been seen in seat B7; a lady also claimed that when she was working in a canteen that once stood on the site, she heard banging and items moved around and she was startled by the sound of chairs scraping on the floor.

The manager of the theatre twice saw a middle aged lady in grey, nicknamed Lil - in the area where the canteen used to be.

Bromley United Services Club

An old sea captain is said to haunt this building but it is not clear if there have been any reports recently.

Ye Olde White Lyon

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An old lady is said to haunt the toilets, where doors used to slam and lock by themselves; also, motion sensors have been set off and a poster was found folded on the floor.

Kevington Hall (St Paul's Cray)

A shadowy figure and a cold sensation have been reported in the nearby woodlands; a German pilot crashed and was killed in the area during World War 2.

Chislehurst Caves

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A multitude of phenomena are claimed for these man-made caves, including spectral figures (a Cavalier has been claimed for instance), a mist forming into a woman near the pool, footsteps and rustling, strange smells, laughter, the distant sound of a woman and children whispering and talking and the sensation of being touched have all been reported here.

The Bickley Arms

A white lady is said to haunt the pub, specifically room 2. Cold spots and a shadow have been reported too.

Scadbury Manor (Chislehurst)

The sound of horses hooves on the paths, which used to be cobbled, have been heard here. There are also reports of the smell of meat rotting and a burning odour, as well as the sound of footsteps and hissing.

The Queen's Head

Glasses have been thrown off the shelves here and is blamed on a former punter who was found dead in a nearby pond after a refusal to put his drinks on a tab following a change of landlord.

The Pawleyne Arms (Penge)

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It is said the female victim of a murder in the area haunts this pub.

Crystal Palace Station

The tunnel between Crystal Palace and Gipsy Hill is said to be haunted by the headless spectre of a maintenance man who lost his head in an accident.

The Swan (West Wickham)

It is not clear if phenomena is still occurring, but in the 1980s, thuds, bangs and footsteps were heard and a door opened by itself. This was blamed on "George", a former landlord who hanged himself.

Wickham Court School

Ghost sightings here are said to be "frequent" including a woman and other vague spectres. It is said that one of the phantoms is Anne Boleyn and it said that she walks along "Anne Boleyn's walk".

St George's RAF Chapel

The phantoms of old World War 2 airmen have been seen here.

The Crown Inn

A miner who died in 1896 and whose body was taken to the inn is said to be the "resident" phantom.

Biggin Hill

News Shopper: The airfieldThe airfield

A phantom Spitfire returns to the skies over Biggin Hill but it is unclear whether it is seen or heard, or both; some accounts say it is only experienced in January but others say it appears at any time.

In the 1960s, a figure wearing RAF uniform from two decades previously strode up to the main gates and passed through them.

The ghosts of airmen are also seen at nearby Biggin Hill asking for directions before disappearing.

Vincent Square (Biggin Hill)

People living in houses here have reported strange noises and the top havles of women from the Auxiliary Air Force were once seen, before fading away.