Love Island star and Lewisham doctor Alex George has slammed "fat shamers" who commented on his weight in his latest YouTube video.

The 30-year-old A&E doc recorded a vlog for his YouTube channel, guiding viewers through the transformation of the "Dr Alex HQ office".

The 2018 Love Island contestant said it is "now fast becoming a hub of creativity" and said he "can't wait to share some amazing health videos to come".

The video was shared online on October 17, and just two days later Dr Alex has today shared on his Instagram one of the nasty "fat shaming" comments he received on the video.

The screenshot of the comment read: "Has he put on load of weight of is it just the shirt too big. Looking top heavy"

Dr. Alex shared the post with a caption portraying how "devastating" the impact of fat shaming can have on someone's mental health.

He said he never usually "gives a moments notice to negativity", but that this post made him "stop and think."

Dr. Alex added that fat shaming is often "brushed aside as a joke" or dubbed "lads banter" but that this "really isn't" the case.

He told his two million followers that "no one has the right to comment on your size."

The post has been liked nearly 29,000 times and comments of support to Dr. Alex have flooded in.

On Feburary 21 this year, PM Boris Johnson appointed Dr. Alex as a Youth Mental Health Ambassador.

This is to "play an important role in shaping children’s mental health education and support in schools".

It is part of government plans to build back fairer from the pandemic and ensure all children and young people are supported with their mental health and wellbeing.

The full post on Dr. Alex's Instagram page said: "This was a comment on my latest YouTube video.

"I never usually give a moments notice to negativiity, but this one made me stop and think.

"Fat shaming towards men is something that's often brushed aside as a joke or 'lads banter'.

"It really isn't.

"The impact that it can have on a person's mental health can be devastating.

"Commenting on someone's weight, whether you think you are being constructive or even complimentary, pepetuates the cycle of weight stigma and unhealthy relationships with our bodies.

"No one has the right to comment on your size.

"No one."

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