Every wondered if anyone else's internet speeds could possibly be as slow as yours, or have you never thought about it due to your lightning quick broadband?

Well data from the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) has mapped out some of the best and worst broadband speeds in the country.

Some interesting trends have been revealed, such as an emerging hotspot of ultra-fast broadband speed is spotted in rural Lancashire, near Kendal in the Lake District, as a community-driven high-speed rural service begins to roll out.

In the central parts of London, there is a lull around King’s Cross – the previous year’s fastest postcode – which is almost certainly not due to a general decrease in available speed but actually because residential connections have come online.

Now, in south east London, we've taken a look at the fastest and slowest broadband speeds in the region.

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Rotherhithe, to the south east of London, throws up a unique blend of broadband speed simultaneously increasing and decreasing, and has the worst speeds (across the most significant area) in the region.

A traditionally very poorly connected area, both in transport but also digital connectivity, Rotherhithe has seen dramatic improvements in speed across many areas but also big falls in the newest area – again possibly due to an increased residential component in the mix.

The Best (Average Broadband Download Speed of 60mbit/s and above)

  • Eden Park - 79mbit/s
  • Barnehurst - 74
  • Blackheath - 73
  • Downham - 72
  • Lesnes Abbey/Abbey Road (72)
  • Upper Elmers End - 71
  • Belvedere Road - 71
  • Shortlands - 70
  • Welling - 66
  • Charlton - 66
  • New Eltham - 66
  • Hither Green - 64
  • Mottingham - 64
  • Southmere Lake - 61

The Worst (Average Broadband Download Speed of 20mbit/s and under)

  • Greenwich Peninsula - 21 to 8.1mbit/s+
  • Blackfen - 21
  • Sidcup - 20 to 14
  • Falconwood - 17
  • Woolwich (centre)- 17
  • Brockley - 7.6
  • North Cray - 6
  • Rotherhithe - 5
  • Thamesmead (centre) - 4.3
  • West Thamesmead / Thamesmead Ecology Study Area - 2.3

You can explore the map in greater detail locally here.