A street in Bexley has made it onto a list which contains the most adorable street names in the UK.

Bennett Removals created the cuteness compliation and chose Valentine Avenue as one of its fairytale streets.

The average house price within the pretty DA5 postcode is £380,053.

This is a whopping £41,530 (12.27 peor cent) more than average prices on adjacent streets which sit at around £338,523.

Valentine Avenue is among Puppy Green in Tipton, Cupids Corner in Southend-on-Sea, Kittens Lane in Norwich and Enchantment Oaks in Boston to have made 20-street-long cute list.

The street with the biggest percentage change in property price was Sparkle Street in Manchester with an average house price of £425,000.

This was 179.97 per cent higher than the average on adjacent streets.

And, at the other end of the scale was Lovers Lane in Newark with the smallest percentage change in property price compared with other streets.

Lovers Lane has an average price of £71,883 which is just 6.43 per cent higher than others nearby.

Maureen Bennett, Director at Bennett Removals said: “We have been helping people to move home for over 30 years and we’ve seen home buyers get more and more specific with their dream wish-list as time goes on.

"We thought that this study was a fun way of exploring the more playful side of property valuation, showing how a home’s value goes beyond fixtures and fittings. 

"Although a cute street name is unlikely to be featured in anyone’s new home criteria, we were certain that an adorable address was enough to sway buyers and increase property value - and it was nice to discover that it definitely does."

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