The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) have confirmed they are investigating both the Met and Kent Police forces over their vetting of the police officer who raped and murdered Sarah Everard.

The IOPC said on Monday (October 4) that its investigations into the police vetting and handling of allegations of indecent exposure now linked to Wayne Couzens would progress "as swiftly as possible" after his sentencing for kidnap, rape and murder.

Armed Met officer Couzens, 48, used his police issue handcuffs and warrant card to stage the fake arrest of 33-year-old Everard before he raped and murdered her.

Dame Cressida Dick, commissioner of London's police force, said Monday she would bring in a "prominent" individual to conduct the review as she conceded that public trust in the police force had been shaken by the case.

The IOPC for their part said they were "concerned" about information that surfaced after Couzens was sentenced and were moving swiftly since his jailing.

"We are concerned about information that has emerged since Couzens was sentenced to a whole life term for the murder of Sarah Everard," Regional IOPC Director Sal Naseem said. "We are continually reviewing any new information which comes to light. Our thoughts also remain with Sarah’s family, friends and all of those affected. We would like to reiterate to police officers and staff, current or former, that we have a whistleblowing line for police officers and staff to report concerns of wrongdoing where they believe a criminal offence has been committed, or evidence of conduct that would justify disciplinary proceedings."

Naseem pointed out that of interest in the IOPC probes were allegations that Couzens had been linked with indecent exposure offences years before he raped and murdered Everard.

Both Kent Police and the Met, he said, were being investigated for how they handled those allegations.

"Our investigations into how Kent Police in 2015, and the MPS in 2021, handled allegations of indecent exposure now linked to Couzens will progress as swiftly as possible following his sentencing for kidnap, rape and murder... In both investigations we are looking whether the appropriate actions were taken by both forces, including whether policies and procedures were followed. We are also considering whether any issues identified may have impacted on the vetting of Couzens," Naseem said.

Two MPS officers have already been served by the IOPC with misconduct notices for possible breaches of professional standards relating to duties and responsibilities.

On September 30, the IOPC meanwhile convened four other linked investigations.