Passengers had to be helped off a train by firefighters yesterday after it became stranded in Bickley.

Network Rail said passengers coped with "what will hopefully be a once in a lifetime walk along the railway" after they climbed down from the train and walked along the tracks.

Firefighters were on hand to help them reach safety, and all trains in the area stopped to allow the passengers off the stricken train.

News Shopper: Firefighters offered their expertise to the stranded passengersFirefighters offered their expertise to the stranded passengers

Trains between London Victoria, Bromley South, Rochester and Orpington were cancelled or delayed after the train lost power due to a power cable fault and stopped in Bickley.

Disruption lasted for most of the afternoon, and Network Rail said the cause was a cable joint had been burned off meaning there was no power flowing to the live rail, leaving the train stranded.

News Shopper: The cause of the problemThe cause of the problem