A charity whose staffing levels have reached a crisis point has said they will welcome job applications from Afghan refugees.

The Diagrama Foundation has care homes across Orpington, Bromley, Canterbury and Clacton-on-Sea which look after the elderly, adults with learning difficulties and young vulnerable people.

But CEO David McGuire said the charity currently has an unprecedented number of vacancies for support workers, holes they are struggling to fill via the normal routes.

The UK has said it will take up to 20,000 Afghan refugee, and Diagrama say they would like to be involved in the resettlement of the men and women by inviting them to apply for support worker vacancies.

Facing a crisis in maintaining its facilities, the charity has turned to refugees, with McGuire saying they would "love to hear" from agencies supporting the men and woman newly arrived from Afghanistan, which includes 700 quarantining in Greenwich.

News Shopper: David McGuire, CEO of the Diagrama FoundationDavid McGuire, CEO of the Diagrama Foundation

“We have never had this number of vacancies before and despite trying to recruit via our normal routes we are struggling to fill these positions," said the CEO.

"We have all watched the events unfolding in Afghanistan and the number of refugees who will need homes and employment within the UK, and we would love to hear from agencies supporting these men and women to see if they are working with people who can join us to give excellent care to our residents."

Mr McGuire continued: "Diagrama know that when someone has time and belief invested in them, they come alive, because that investment has made them feel valued and worthy.

"We are confident that this ethos will help the Afghan refugees to settle more quickly, feel welcomed and integrated within the local community and feel more independent, having secured a job affording them some financial independence.

“We have seen requests to donate clothes and essentials, to offer a spare room, to volunteer or to donate money but we wanted to go one step further and offer employment.”

UK based agencies or charities working with refugees from all parts of the world are invited to email hr@diagrama.org to discuss job opportunities further, and Diagrama vacancies can be viewed here.