Which do you reckon is the most filthy?

While cleanliness is on everyone's mind at the moment, its worth considering which tube lines are riddled with the most bacteria and pollution levels.

SpaSeekers' research looked at these factors along with temperature, humidity, the length of the line and the number of weekly riders, to rank each line on how good or bad they are for your skin.

The worse for the skin, the dirtier the tube line.

And, coming in at the bottom was the Northern Line.

With high levels of bacteria, PM2.5 (a category of particulate pollutant) and 1.1million weekly riders, this would be the main tube line to avoid for your complexion.

The second-worst line is the Victoria Line, which although has the highest level of bacteria, has a low length of line, no air conditioning and 955,000 riders who use the route each week.

The Piccadilly Line comes in at third with medium PM2.5 levels, followed by the Central Line which has a medium level of bactera, and lower pollution levels.

The high-bacterial Jubilee and medium-pollution District Lines come fifth and sixth, both with 57 per cent of air humidity.

Seventh is the Bakerloo Line and eighth is the Metropolitan Line - both with low levels of bacteria and PM2.5.

And, although the Circle Line has the second highest bacteria level, it benefits from fewer weekly riders and a lower temperature meaning it’s one of the better tube lines for your skin so it comes in at ninth place.

The two cleanest lines are the Waterloo & City and Hammersmith & City Lines.

With medium and low bacteria levels and low line lengths, they're the ones to travel on if you want good skin.

Here are the results in full:

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