One man who loves nothing more than wrestling criminals to the ground has been honoured by police.

VINCENT Oligbo's most recent act of bravery involved following two muggers through the streets of Woolwich while on his way to a Christmas party.

He said: "I was driving along like James Bond trying to catch them.

"Luckily I saw them enter a chicken shop and shadowed them until the police arrived."

This was the latest in a long line of heroic actions by the 40-year-old, who lives in Congleton Drive, Plumstead.

He has managed to detain more than 30 people since 1992.

A certificate of merit was given to the father-of-three following a recommendation by the Metropolitan Police.

He was presented with the certificate at the Binney Awards ceremony in Goldsmiths Hall in the City of London.

The awards honour acts of heroism by members of the public.

This followed Mr Oligbo's most recent citizen's arrest of a pickpocket in Piccadilly, after he spotted the thief dipping into a woman's handbag as they both boarded a bus.

Mr Oligbo, who is a security consultant and trainee lawyer, said: "I jumped on him and told him he was under arrest.

"I pushed him up to the wall of the bus while the driver radioed police."

After police took the man into custody, it was found he was armed with two knives.

Mr Oligbo said: "I'm just being public-spirited.

!My wife thinks I'm going over the top and sometimes I should just pretend I haven't seen these things happening."

His heroism began in 1992, when a friend pointed out a pickpocket in Upper Regent Street.

He said: "At the time I didn't know about pickpockets and it opened my eyes to people doing such crimes.

"I jumped on him, put him down on the ground and held him there while people were calling 999.

"Later I found out he had a knife."

Since then, Mr Oligbo has been involved in tackling a number of crooks across the capital.

He said: "A while ago there was someone being beaten down by a group of 10 youths in Woolwich.

"They were kicking him on the ground.

!I stopped my car, climbed out and picked up a stick to chase them off him."

Mr Oligbo, who regularly visits the gym, is 6ft 4in and weighs 21st, admits his size gives him a distinct advantage when tackling crooks.

He said: "I wouldn't really encourage anyone to get involved, so they don't put themselves in danger, but if they feel they can, it's worth having a go.

"My experience means I'm more able to put myself in a dangerous situation.

"Most of them see me and they're afraid."

Despite recent incidents involving knives, Mr Oligbo has vowed to carry on tackling crooks.

He said: "London is a place where people don't have the urge to get involved because they might get hurt or someone might turn on them.

"But I always have the urge. It gives me joy."

A police spokesman said: "Vincent's courage and sense of duty to other members of the public were the reason he was nominated for the reward, and despite other brave actions by people, he has been recognised with a Binney certificate."

The Binney Memorial Award is awarded for the bravest action in support of law and order, performed in the areas controlled by the City of London Police, or by the Metropolitan Police, by any member of the public.

The Certificate of Merit is awarded for similar acts of courage, but which deserve special recognition."