A 67-year-old woman has been scammed out of more than £7,000 after she was contacted by someone claiming to work for Visa.

Bromley, Sutton and Croydon Police revealed what happened on social media in a warning to others about being vigilant of any unwanted phone calls.

The victim was told by a male suspect that her bank accounts were being compromised and used in fradulent activity for a cost of £5,000 in the Apple store.

She phoned Barclays bank who confirmed what the suspect had told her and 101 to confirm who agreed over the phone that the suspect was real and to follow what he says.

The suspect told the victim to attend Barclays Bank in Artillery Row to withdraw cash from her account to establish fraudulent activity.

The victim left her cards at home and the bank tills were closed and unable to withdraw money, so the suspect stayed on the phone until she got home and told her there was another report on her account at Harrods.

They said they had requested £7,600 in Euros on her Sainsbury's credit card.

The victim rang Harrods to explain this was to book a holiday and attended Harrods and withdrew £4,000 from her Barclays debit account and £3,600 from her Sainsbury's credit card.

The total of £7,600 was coverted into euros at the money exchange bureau.

When the victim arrived back at her home, the suspect asked her for the reference number on every note to check this was for fake notes - and he told her they were all conterfeit.

He told her a man would attend her house and take the money.

Another suspect went at around 7.40pm and was around 5ft7inches, 30-35 years old, and wearing a blue jacekt and pale trousers.

The victim handed the money over in a M&S plastic bag.

The suspect told the woman he was going to call her again to go through further protocols and this was the last she heard from him.

The victim contacted both her banks who both confirmed that this was a scam.

They have blocked her cards and will be sending new ones to her.

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