As all over 16s can now get the vaccine, we've taken a look at the uptake in south east London boroughs.

In London, 5,699,922 people have had their first vaccine dose, and 4,997,247 people have had their second dose.

This means 66.9 per cent of the London population have had one jab, and 58.7 per cent of people have been fully vaccinated.


330,521 jabs have been given in Greenwich.

The first dose total in the borough is 176,855 and the second dose total is 153,666.

This equates to 69.5 per cent of people in the borough having had one jab, and 60.4 per cent of people having had two.


In Lewisham, 339,087 vaccine doses have been administered in total.

This is 182,132 first doses (65.7 per cent) and 156,955 second doses (56.6 per cent).


In Bexley, 307,247 jabs have been given.

162,013 first, and 145,234 second.

This means 80.7 per cent of people in Bexley have had one jab, and 72.3 per cent have been fully vaccinated.


Over in Bromley, numbers are topped with a total of 436,921 jabs having been given overall.

227,934 of these were first jabs, and 208,987 were second.

These means 81 per cent of the Bromley population have been jabbed once, and 74.3 per cent twice.


In Southwark, 381,573 vaccinations have been given in total.

First dose is 205,706 (64.1 per cent) and second is 175,867 (54.8 per cent).


Nearby in Dartford, 137,897 vaccines have been given overall.

This is 72,835 first doses (80.5 per cent) and 65,062 second (71.9 per cent).

These figures are accurate as of 5pm on Tuesday, August 31.

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