The owner of Greenwich restaurant 'Jack the Chipper' has come under renewed criticism after decorating the shop with tasteless pictures of the serial killer's victims.

Recep Turhan, 52, came under fire earlier this month for naming his chippy after infamous killer Jack the Ripper, causing local residents to boycott the restaurant.

Accused of "glorifying" the serial killer, the 52-year-old described it as a "play on words and nothing else," insisting he had no plans to change the name based on something 160 years ago.

News Shopper: Jack the Chipper in GreenwichJack the Chipper in Greenwich

But 'Jack the Chipper' has faced fresh criticism from people who say the offence goes far beyond just the name.

One local resident, who did not want to be named, slammed the chippy for packing the inside with"distasteful" Jack the Ripper themed decor.

Newspapers from the time have been used to make up the artwork for their food boxes, placemats and chip wrappings, and disturbingly one image shows the face of one of the victims, Elizabeth Stride, and her body being identified at the mortuary by her loved ones.

News Shopper: Newspaper cuttings used inside the chip shopNewspaper cuttings used inside the chip shop

The resident said that "these women were people too and they deserve better than for their images to be used as chip wrap and chucked in the bin."

News Shopper: Newspaper cuttings used inside the chip shopNewspaper cuttings used inside the chip shop

"The walls are plastered with images taken from the newspapers of the women being murdered and illustrations of their dead and mutilated bodies."

They added that people were going to different opinions about the restaurant, but called out the owner for downplaying his theme as a "play on words" and called the choice to display the victims inside "distasteful."

Protestors accused the south east London chip shop of "glorifying" the serial killer, with people reportedly shouting abuse through the front door after the owner put up a map showing where his female victims were murdered in the late 1800s.

News Shopper:

Mr Turhan said he opened the chippy in Greenwich after experiencing success with the original shop based in the East End area of Whitechapel where the Ripper was renowned for preying on his victims, mainly female prostitutes.

Since opening in Greenwich, Jack the Chipper has been called "insensitive" and the owners described as "clueless" online, although some people see the funny side, posting on social media that it is "typically brilliant British humour."

After criticism online, and some people committing to boycotting the shop, Recep opted to offer women a 50% discount to women to "show respect."

News Shopper: The interior of the Jack the Chipper chip shop.The interior of the Jack the Chipper chip shop.

Recep's son Cagri Turhan, the manager of the Greenwich chip shop, previously said: "We don't want to change the name. We don't want to disrespect anyone.

"We've already shown our respectfulness by offering 50% discount for women just to show we're not here to be disrespectful or damaging in any sense.

"We're just here to provide good food and a good service."

Eamonn Holmes pointed out during an interview on ITV's This Morning: "You may mean well but I think your reputation may take a bit of battering over that reduction to women..."