Hundreds of cyclists bared it all through London over the weekend wearing nothing but smiles and, in some cases, face masks.

The World Naked Bike Ride has returned to the capital once again, with the bare-all cyclists likely a familiar sight to most Londoners.

The typically annual event was cancelled last year due to the pandemic, and protests oil and car dependency whilst also celebrating body positivity and a number of other causes.

Nude cyclists started at various points around London on Saturday, August 14, including Deptford, Croydon, Clapham, Kew Bridge, Tower Hill and Regent's Park before the groups converged in central London.

The reasons the bikers were in their birthday suits was not starkly obvious, with a number of causes being promoted by those taking their kit off.

News Shopper: The World Naked Bike Ride London: James Manning/PA WireThe World Naked Bike Ride London: James Manning/PA Wire

The protests included ecological causes, embracing body positivity, medical freedom and better treatment for cyclists - alongside those who take part simply for the thrill.

The event was also rescheduled from its usual June date this year because of pandemic restrictions, and precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19 were still in place, meaning the afterparty was cancelled.

News Shopper: Cyclists near Hyde Park, central London: Steve Parsons/PA WireCyclists near Hyde Park, central London: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

Eric Collins, a veteran naked cyclist who was doing his fifth iteration of the event, told PA: "[The ride] protests car culture, oil dependency, proper rights for cyclists and advocates for body freedom.

"For me personally, having had five collisions on my bicycle - two of which were serious, I'm really here for cycle safety.

"The reason we do it naked is to attract more attention because if we all did it clothed nobody will pay attention".

News Shopper: Steve Parsons/PA WireSteve Parsons/PA Wire

The World Naked Bike Ride was set up in 2003 to protest against car dependency and has since spread to cities around the globe with the bare-all cyclists now a familiar sight to Londoners.

“After 26 months, WNBR London finally rides again on Saturday for the London leg,” a spokesman said.

News Shopper: Steve Parsons/PA WireSteve Parsons/PA Wire

“Supporters have been clamouring for the ride to go ahead and, with the removal of the 30-person restriction, the ride is back on.

“Despite the Government’s removal of measures, the ride will have many adjustments to reduce the risks from Covid-19. In particular, we are shortening the stationary gatherings and have cancelled the afterparty.”